Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea...

May's DIY project ~ hand stamped spoon charms

Custom Designed by The Charm Hunter

  I just LOVE these!  I did this project in an afternoon and you can too, providing
you have all the tools and supplies ready for some creative use.  I took four 
salvaged spoons and forks and repurposed them into beautiful charms in just 
7 steps.  They can dangle from a bracelet or necklace, even one alone with 
a pearl looks fabulous!  These monogrammed initial charms cans symbolize
names of children, grandchildren, wedding couples, or even lucky numbers!
This was made for my mom, one for each of her four children, two of which have
passed, which makes this even more sentimentally special.

Honoring my special mom on this Mother's Day with monogrammed
charms of your loving children, Susan, Michael, George & James.
We Love You SO Much! 

So I have stash that I collect from wherever I find them.  I usually see them in 
Antique Malls and Consignment Shops, as well as garage sales from time to time.
They come in plain or fancy.  "IF" you can buy them separately that's best, but 
most times they're sold in sets.  I've found that the knives are too thick, but the 
forks and spoons are PERFECT.  And, the thinner they are, the easier they are to 
work with, but sometimes, you just don't have that option.

Supply List:

OK, don't cringe when you see the necessary tools needed for this project.  If you don't 
have some of these tools, chances are your husband, in-law, neighbor or friend will.  
Otherwise, overall it's a small investment to make to personalized gifts for friends and 
family throughout the year!

  • Silverware/Flatware, of Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel
  • 8mm Jumprings
  • Necklace chain (I used a ball chain)
  • Single Pearl and Bead Charms
  • 24" Bolt Cutter
  • Power Drill with a bit made for METAL
  • Metal Stamp Punch Set
  • Sanding Block or Metal File
  • Fine Point Sharpie Pen
  • Piece of Scrap Wood
  • Tape
  • Safety Goggles

Step 1:                 
                              Cut ends off with bolt cutter

Step 2:
                                            Vigorously sand ends until dull 

Step 3:
            Determine hole placement with size of drill bit used 

Step 4:
                  Tape piece to wood block, mark spot and begin to
           drill.  Be patient.  These took about four 30 second
        drill sessions each using moderate pressure. (2mn. total)
WARNING!  your piece will be HOT

Step 5: 
                                            Hand stamp initial onto center

Step 6:
            Use a fine tip permanent marker to highlight indention

Step 7:
~~ W O W ~~
           Attach jumprings to each piece, then string onto a chain
                                 (If you're unfamiliar with jumprings read this tutorial first)

               That's it!  YOU can do this.

I just love repurposing vintage finds into new and 
beautiful creations.  Join me!  Click Here to see
the rest of my Assemblage Jewelry.  Read more 
about me and my work here.

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