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So have you been watching, observing and taking mental notes?  I sure have!  In my first quarter post I suggested making a point to check out what styles of jewelry women are wearing - where you live and work, see on actress or in print.  Chances are over time you will see a trend.  Whether or not it's your style, you will notice trends not only in jewelry but fashion as well. 

Fashion Top 3:

Here's the scoop on all things bijoux for the coming season—from bracelets to pendants, romantic ideals, and mismatched innovations.  

New Word of the Quarter:     BIJOUX      ( ˈbēZHo͞o )  a jewel or trinket

1. Chandelier Earrings

Like the glamour of chandelier lighting in a room, the same is said for chandelier earrings.  Their aesthetic appeal adds a bold statement to any outfit. 
See more Chandelier Earrings here

2. Stacking Bracelets

Fashion's relaxed and simple styles call for casual accessories, including layered looks on the hand.  These can be plain, simple, sparkly, covered with gemstones, or intense design.  Build a bigger bolder look with lots of intermingled styles.

3. Layering Necklaces

The relaxed silhouettes of Spring coupled with a bonanza of different necklines means that layering styles will be worthwhile additions to your jewelry box.  You may have already seen layered necklaces sold in layered sets of two, three or more.  These pieces can be multi-strands or singles layered with others.

See layered necklace here

on my RADAR...


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I hope you've enjoyed this FIRST quarterly of 2015.  Even more so, I hope this has gotten
you EXCITED and INSPIRED!  Don't forget to take notice about jewelry trends you see
and let us know what YOU find.

Aloha until next quarter, Susan

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