Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's Graduation Time!


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June's DIY Project:    

Easy to make Graduation Money Lei

by One Charming Treasure 

Well, this is a different sort of "accessory", but I've had so many people asking me
how to make these leis that I decided to post instructions for June's DIY...
This is my handsome husband with our friend's son.
Congrats TJ !

CASH is always a popular gift for graduates.  In Hawaii, 
leis of flower, candy, Kukui nut or Ti leaf are also popular.  
So when I saw a photo of someone's "money lei" I thought 
how perfect is that; to combine them both into this unique 
gift idea that any grad would be happy to receive.  So, I 
gathered a few simple supplies and started the trial and error process of figuring out how to make these great leis of cash.

This particular lei was made with FORTY $1 dollar bills and came out very nice and full

Supply List:

  • 40 Dollar Bills (use any denomination or combination of denomination)
  • Curling Ribbon (consider using the school's colors)
  • Scissors
  • Black Cardstock for Grad Hat Label Cutout (optional)
  • Approximate time:  45mn for each lei


I began by scrunching the center of each bill and then tying a 12" piece of
curling ribbon very tightly in the center.  Only one tie is needed as opposed to
tying a double knot.  Use varying colors on each one of the forty bills.

Once you have all your bills center tied, begin connecting them with
alternating colored ribbons.  Take one ribbon from the left side of one bill 
and one ribbon from the right side of another bill and tie one single
tight knot.  You will want the bills to overlap slightly as you cinch the knot.

It looks best if you arrange the bills facing the same way, slightly
layered and cascading downward as you continue to add more.

Pretty soon you'll have a very long centipede looking stringer of
bills.  When you're at the end, simply tie one end to the other to
make your "lei" complete.

After tying the ends together, I made my own graduation cap
card out of cardstock.  This of course is optional, but this way
at the end of the celebration, the grad will know who gave them

You can cut and copy this simple pattern or

Congrats Tayler!

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I would love to see images of YOUR money leis!  Post them here for all to see :)

Warmest Aloha, Susan

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