Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Assemblage DIY

May 11th is Mother's Day

~ create a special & meaningful gift ~

~ Beautiful Dangling Assemblage Cluster ~

from the Charm Hunter

This beauty can be assembled in one afternoon.
Grab a friend, you daughter or granddaughter and create
something beautiful together!  This would make a FABULOUS
Mother's Day gift too!
Grab that jewelry box, sewing kit and stash of broken pieces!  This is a fun
and wonderful "quality" time activity to spend with your best friend or loved one.

The Charm Hunter's Supply List:

             (double this list if creating with a friend!)
  • 30" (or more) link chain (a 15" drop)
  • toggle clasp
  • 6 pieces of short misc chain pieces
  • 8 6-8mm jumprings
  • 6 random jewelry elements                                     (pearls, stones, shell, buttons, pendants, bling, etc)
  • 2 pair pliers

                          THAT'S IT!


You'll need about 30" (+ or -) of any type of link chain.  You may already have or can 
purchase inexpensively at your local craft store.  I like this length because it fits right over 
your head without needing to add a clasp.  You'll also need a medium size toggle clasp
also readily available at your local craft store or online.

The two piece toggle clasp already comes with a link attached to each piece.  I've used 
two straight pins to show how I used a jumpring to attach each part of the toggle to the 
same link in the center of the link chain.  (Do not follow the instructions on the toggle clasp packaging.  We are using the toggle as a decorative element and not as a clasp.)  Use 
your pliers, one in each hand, to open the break in the jumpring by gently pulling and 
prying in opposite directions.  If you've never tried this before, view THIS LINK first.

Next, lay out six pieces of random chain.  They can be of any size and color.

Most pliers have a cutting portion on the top inside of the pliers.  If yours 
do not, you may need a pair of cutting pliers OR simply use the above method
in the link provided above to pry apart an individual link in the chain.  I planned
on each piece being no longer than 3".  Each strand should be cut at
different and random lengths.  There's no rules, just play around with
different lengths.  You can always cut them shorter if needed.

Here are my miscellaneous, button, pearls, crystals, etc.

Use your pliers and begin attaching your elements to your pieces of chain.

Once you you have all your elements attached to the ends of your chain
strands, lay them out at varying lengths to see which need adjusting.
Move them around and shorten chains that need shortening.

Now open each jumpring wide enough to fit into the end of each chain link
and then onto the round part of toggle clasp.  Once you've attached to
 both pieces, pull and pry back into the closed position.
Continue with all chain strands.


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I hope you've enjoyed this month's DIY.
Even more-so, I'd like to see YOUR projects!
Please post and share your re-assemblage projects here.

                                        Warmest Aloha, Susan

                aka The Charm Hunter          Visit my shop here

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