Monday, October 20, 2014


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Heavenly Earrings

Bronze filigree cross earrings with chain and red garnet quartz gemstones


These are very easy to make and you can choose whatever color you like.
Since we're about to enter into the CHRISTmas Season, I chose red garnets.


The supplies are pretty basic and you may already have all the elements 
to make these.  If not, the parts are inexpensive to purchase.

I love vintage crosses and religious medals.  They combine beautiful
art work with spiritual meaning.  Religious medals make wonderful
elements to work with in assemblage charm jewelry.


  • Two filigree crosses; look for ones with scrolls, loops and spaces
  • Loose chain link, ideally in the same finish as your cross
  • (4) 7mm jumprings and (4) 5mm jumprings, in the same finish
  • Four tear shape/pear shape or similar beads
  • Two ear wires, in same finish

  • Two pair of pliers
  • One pair cutting pliers/nippers
  • Ruler

I always say in every post to NEVER throw away your broken jewelry. 
 Keep everything.  You can always use their spare parts in other projects, as shown today.

Step 1:

Organize your supplies.  The brass ornate crosses I chose are approximately 
2 1/4" x 1 1/2".  I cut a piece of brass chain into (2) 4" lengths after draping over the 
cross to see how long I wanted the chain to hang.

Step 2:

Use your pliers to pry open each 7mm jumpring and attach to each end of the chains.  Before closing the jumprings, attach each end to the outer ends of the cross in the outermost opening you can find.  Use your pliers to securely close the jumprings.  If you are not familiar with jumprings, read this quick and easy tutorial first.

Step 3:     

Now the fun part.......selecting the jewels!
I have a huge collection of Vintage jewels, but the hard
part was finding FOUR matching beads!  They can be made of
glass, plastic, acrylic, pearl or stone, and of course in any color!

 Decisions, decisions, decisions....

Step 4: 

I really wanted to use a teal or aqua blue, (my favorite), but I didn't have 
four matching pieces.  So I decided that since CHRISTmas is just 
around the corner, I chose red garnet teardrop stones.

Use your pliers to dis-assemble (if applicable) the stones.  If you've
purchased new stones your all set.  Use the 5mm jumprings to
attach your stones to another opening in your filigree cross,
preferably an inward area so that it falls inside the hanging chain.
Lastly, use your pliers to attach earwires.

NOTE:  Your jumpring sizes may vary depending on the 
opening size you have on your particular cross

**--- Wallah! ---**

You can do this!

I hope you've enjoyed this month's project
and that I've inspired you!

Aloha, Susan