Thursday, June 20, 2013

History Matters...

Just read an interesting article, "History Matters" that validates why  I love 
what I do...creating family keepsakes and custom photo charms from the 
past AND the present.  The author shares his passion for historic preservation 
and why it's meaningful in all our lives.  I couldn't agree more.

Custom Family Photo Chimes

"History is about learning about our family, a 
concentrated effort to preserve our heritage."

Create instant heirlooms for all your loved ones with favorite family photos.

Preserve your heritage with custom photo charms

Custom Family Photo Charms

So whether you're a photographer, scrapbooker or jewelry maker,
start preserving YOUR family heritage!

Monday, June 10, 2013

DIY Button/Brad Jewelry...

make a lovely piece of jewelry this afternoon!

Who'd - a - thought?  Use fancy buttons to create beautiful jewelry...
That's right, you can use buttons, fancy or plain, to re-create your own jewelry.
You can find buttons just about anywhere, craft stores, fabric stores, online
or from your family's very own button collection.  You can also use those 
scrapbooking brads as long as they have openings to add jumprings to.

Just about any button will do, just add jumprings!
Once you've added jumprings to the sides of your buttons or brags,
attach them to beaded chains.  They can be rosary beads, pieces of a
broken beaded necklace, etc.  Experiment with bead colors and sizes.

Broken pieces of beaded chains are re-born when small
pieces are added to buttons or brads to make a new piece

                              I used broken beaded rosary chain links to attach to my fancy 
                                 buttons to re-create a new bracelet.  Add a toggle closure to ends.

Five small fancy buttons were used, plus ten 3/4" beaded chain pieces to create this beautiful bracelet

Don't limit buttons and brads to just bracelets.  Use the same technique for
creating necklaces, anklets, charms and pendants too!