Thursday, November 26, 2015


The holidays are a time to celebrate, give thanks, and connect with family and friends.  I hope you make time to do just that!

With the holidays upon us, now is the perfect time to put a dent in that shopping list with these beautiful treasures.  There's a style to fit every budget!

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Merry CHRISTmas & a Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!

This elegant disc pendant is extremely detailed and intricately 'carved' with an intertwining leaf pattern. It is finished in an antiqued silver color with rhinestones, giving it a sparkling and sophisticated feel, hung from a black leather cord necklace.  Completely handcrafted.

Start a new family tradition THIS Christmas with personalized photo ornaments.
They're two sided so you can add your greeting on the back.
The perfect personalized gift!

Can't decide???  Give the gift of choice.  Let your favorite person choose their own treasure!  You CAN'T go wrong!   They can place a custom order or choose from over 200 one-of-a-kind items.

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Warmest aloha to you all, Susan

Monday, October 19, 2015

Welcoming Fall...

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile." -William Cullen Bryant

Hawaii does get some color changes in the fall.  Nothing compared to the mainland, 
but subtly signs in color and temperature get us excited for fall and winter.

Longing to wear your Fall wardrobe again?  Updating your jewelry can be the fastest (and least expensive) way to give your closet a much-needed boost of newness.  So get to know (and shop) the Fall jewelry trends of the season, right here, right now!  "Fall" in love with these new Fall favorites, there's a style to fit every budget. Customize your own style today! 
Need some inspirations?

"Fall " in love with these trendy Fall favorites! 

How charming is this?  Each bracelet is a collaboration effort made to order with YOUR own requests, photos, and desired style and colors.  Makes a lovely gift idea - order one for you and one for a gift!

Dual purpose jewelry AND photo charm holder!  A creative way to not only hold your jewelry, but also precious photo charms of your loved ones.

 "The Colors of Fall"  A beautiful assemblage necklace made from vintage elements in shades of gold, peach, coral, and ivory. One of a kind.  

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Aloha from Hawaii until next quarter, Susan

Friday, July 3, 2015




Ahhh, Summertime.... kids are out of school, WATER, picnics, vacations, weddings, hikes, and barbecues are what come to mind.  Relaxing opportunities to spend with family and friends and recharge relationships.  

Do it in style with these sunny trends...

Coral Necklace, Coral Multi Strand Necklace, Orange Peach & Pink, Seven Strand Necklace, Beadwork, Iridescent Coral Dark Pink Choker Pendant
                                     Coral Crush !

 Make a statement, without saying a word.  Celebrate summer in refreshing
shades of pink, salmon and coral. 

Bold & Beautiful !

summer essentials...

Vintage Cuff Bracelet, Learf Patteren Cuff Bracelet, White Wash Patina Metal Cuff, Metal Bracelet, Raised Relief, Unique Floral Design Cuff

            cuffs & charm bracelets are in !

                         Fresh Finds for wherever you're headed to this summer

Charm Bracelets, Charm Bangles, Alex and Ani Inspired, Curb Chain Bracelets, All Occasion Jewelry, Custom Jewelry,

Summer wish list...

Alex & Ani Charm Bangle, Charm Bracelet, Stainless Steel Adjustable Bangle, Photo Charms, Accomplishment or Congratulation Gift

                      Personalized bangles

                    Bangles are all the rage these days - Create cute bangle 
              bracelets personalized with photos and charms....TOO CUTE!

What's you're favorite Summer jewelry?  Add your photos here and SHARE with us!

Aloha from Hawaii until next quarter, Susan


I hope you've enjoyed this third quarterly post of 2015.  Even more so, I hope this has gottenyou EXCITED and INSPIRED!  Don't forget to take notice about jewelry trends you seeand let us know what YOU find.

Monday, March 30, 2015




So have you been watching, observing and taking mental notes?  I sure have!  In my first quarter post I suggested making a point to check out what styles of jewelry women are wearing - where you live and work, see on actress or in print.  Chances are over time you will see a trend.  Whether or not it's your style, you will notice trends not only in jewelry but fashion as well. 

Fashion Top 3:

Here's the scoop on all things bijoux for the coming season—from bracelets to pendants, romantic ideals, and mismatched innovations.  

New Word of the Quarter:     BIJOUX      ( ˈbēZHo͞o )  a jewel or trinket

1. Chandelier Earrings

Like the glamour of chandelier lighting in a room, the same is said for chandelier earrings.  Their aesthetic appeal adds a bold statement to any outfit. 
See more Chandelier Earrings here

2. Stacking Bracelets

Fashion's relaxed and simple styles call for casual accessories, including layered looks on the hand.  These can be plain, simple, sparkly, covered with gemstones, or intense design.  Build a bigger bolder look with lots of intermingled styles.

3. Layering Necklaces

The relaxed silhouettes of Spring coupled with a bonanza of different necklines means that layering styles will be worthwhile additions to your jewelry box.  You may have already seen layered necklaces sold in layered sets of two, three or more.  These pieces can be multi-strands or singles layered with others.

See layered necklace here

on my RADAR...


What Do You Think? add YOUR comments and photos here

I hope you've enjoyed this FIRST quarterly of 2015.  Even more so, I hope this has gotten
you EXCITED and INSPIRED!  Don't forget to take notice about jewelry trends you see
and let us know what YOU find.

Aloha until next quarter, Susan

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


           Just how cold IS it where you are right now?

This morning on Oahu's North Shore
74 degrees on   1 - 17 - 15

As many of you know, I am in Hawaii - Yes, I get a lot of jealous 'hate mail' in my conversations with customers :)  I'm never hesitant to INSIST that ONE day, they must ABSOLUTELY visit this beautiful and diverse state.  Winter is my absolute favorite month in's COLD for us when the temperature drops to the upper 50's and we have to wear socks and sweat pants to bed!  Sob, right?   LOL  OK, I better stop adding insult to injury!'re here because we share a passion for jewelry.  Not just any jewelry, but Vintage Jewelry!  Whether you wear it, collect it or re-assemble them as I do, my blog has always been about encouraging you and equipping you to shop and/or make your own.  With no further adieu, I introduce.....

JEWELRY TRENDS IN 2015 - First Quarter

With 2014 in the back seat, it's time to look ahead into 2015 and see what's in store for jewelry trends.  The next time you're out and about, make it a point to check out the jewelry that women are wearing.  Chances are, over time, you will see a trend.  Whether or not it's "your" style or not, you will begin to notice trends; trends not only in jewelry, but fashion as well.  It's FUN!  It's like being your own SECRET SHOPPER.  I'm constantly checking out styles on others for ideas and inspiration.  After admiring something that I REALLY like, I inquire as to where they purchased the item and even ask if they would mind if I took a quick cell photo!  I've never been denied ;)

Now, you must know, that for me personally, I prefer the timeless beauty, style and elegance of vintage and antique jewelry.  I will choose vintage every time over something new and mass produced.  After all, you can always put a vintage 'spin' on just about everything, even trendy jewelry.

1. STATEMENT NECKLACES big and bold are such a strong trend for 2015 or for anytime you want to make a big impression with your jewelry.  Statement jewelry can be any kind of jewelry that makes a big impact - several bracelets on one wrist, generously sized chandelier earrings or the most common of statement jewelry, big and bold bib necklaces.  I've seen some pretty hideous statement necklaces out there, but I've also seen some unique beauties too.    

TIP:  Make sure to wear only one piece of statement jewelry at a time.

 Jewelry is the perfect way to bring life to an outfit and complement your best features. 
So, why not complete your look with an exceptional, bold and attention-grabbing piece of statement jewelry?

The modern pieces of jewelry can be gorgeous, however vintage-inspired jewelry brings a certain
 level of sophistication and makes the wearer look fabulous and unique.

New Word of the Quarter:  Vintage Assemblage - the aret of recycling and repurposing pieces of  vintage jewelry with other elements to recreate something new

2. BANGLES come in a variety of materials for a variety of looks and can really make a statement!  As you WATCH for trends, you're sure to have noticed girls walking around with wrists covered in gold and silver bangle bracelets.  What I love about these bangles is that you can add your OWN charms to these beauties.  PERSONALIZE bangles with shells, pearls, charms, initials, crystals, photo charms, etc.  

Consider bangle bracelets for their effortless and trendy style.

Handmade bangle bracelets easily slip over your wrist or open on a hinge, s
o throwing them on with anything is simple and fun!


3. SHELLS are timeless.  Maybe it's a "Hawaii Trend", but shells are definitely in here!  Whether you live near the ocean or dream to, or perhaps it's a reminder of that wonderful vacation, shells retain their natural iridescence and God made beauty.  Nothing manufactured or artificial here!  After all, the oldest known jewelry in the world consists of two perforated beads made from shells of a sea snail discovered in Israel!  Trendy shells + pearls are VERY popular in both earring and necklace trends.

 I have a personal appreciation for sunrise shells.  Generally, I am not a "shell jewelry" person. I think  my husband wishes I were, but it's a bit too "hippy-ish" for me (personally) to wear as jewelry.  That being said, our family does have a personal collection of SUNRISE SHELLS.  Some we have personally found, which is like a lottery ticket, and others we have purchased from local residents.  They are by far, the most beautiful and prized shell for shell jewelry...

OK,  a little Hawaiian.....puka is the Hawaiian word for "hole" and refers to the naturally occurring hole in the middle of these rounded and worn shell fragments.  The shell on the left is called a "puka shell and easily found on Hawaiian beaches.  When used in jewelry, it's very cool and very close to home.  A very popular beach or island style jewelry trend.


I hope you've enjoyed this FIRST quarterly of 2015.  Even more so, I hope this has gotten
you EXCITED and INSPIRED!  Don't forget to take notice about jewelry trends you see
and let us know what YOU find.

Until next time, warmest aloha!  -Susan

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