Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What To Do With Broken Jewelry

What can you do with broken jewelry?

Save broken and mismatched jewelry

Recycle Old and Broken Bead Jewelry into New Re-purposed Creations

Whether you purchased your stash of broken, tangled or unwanted 
jewelry from a thrift store, inherited it from a relative or dug it out of 
your own jewelry box, finding a reuse idea can be a challenge.  
Here's some inspiration for you!   

Attach jewelry to candles
What a beautiful gift this makes!

                Why not look for vintage jewelry pieces that can be re-purposed                     into a new eco-friendly creation?


Glue jewelry to plain metal or wood napkin rings 
simply tie onto a new elastic hair band 

Dress up plain pillows into OOH-LA-LA pillows!   

                             Even Frames!

The possibilities are endless.  Need more inspiration?  Have you heard of Pinterest? If you haven't, you're missing out!  Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website. It's free to sign up and use.  Here you can search for "broken jewelry" and wa-lah, you will have photos of more projects and ideas than ever imagined.      Enjoy!

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Do YOU have some ideas to share?  

Please comment, post and share with us!

Until next time, keep charm hunting!                                  

-Susan, aka the Charm Hunter


Monday, September 2, 2013

Mahalo Alana of MidWeek for your write-up on One Charming Treasure

Mahalo Alana of MidWeek for your write-up on One Charming Treasure...

" Thank You! "

Preserving the past one charm at a time is what Susan Valle, owner and jewelry designer of One Charming Treasure, is devoted to.  In 2010, while on a family vacation, this Texas native stumbled upon what she refers to as the most beautiful hoop earrings, with dangling charms and blue stones, in a London boutique. In an effort to replicate this exquisite accessory, she began dabbling in charm jewelry-making and quickly took a liking to it. It wasn’t long before this hobby turned into a successful business venture.
“My business philosophy is about celebrating life and to always be grateful, while striving to create beautiful and meaningful treasures for others,” Valle says. “We live in a throwaway world, and I’m all about preserving the past. It’s about the keepers, the treasures, items with heart and soul. I love to make something new out of pieces of something old and discarded – reuse and repurpose items, whether it’s furniture, jewelry or photos.”
For Valle, who moved to the Islands in 1985, creating custom photo jewelry is just another way of saving and showcasing family history.
Working out of her home office, a loft studio on the North Shore, she lets her creativity run wild. The result? Custom photo charms in the form of pendants, bracelets and wind chimes, repurposed vintage and costume jewelry, as well as charm jewelry available through her online store. Prices range from $20 to $295.
“What makes my business unique is your photos, your family, your babies, your pets, your special occasions and milestones in life in the form of personalized jewelry and charm mementos,” she explains. “I create charm jewelry that represents that one moment in time that you want to remember forever!
“I studied the basics of jewelry making and soldering in Kansas City, but it’s an accumulation of workshops, courses and hands-on experience throughout the years that has helped me develop my own approach to jewelry design. For example, I’ve always loved photography, and that love has driven me to take PhotoShop courses, educate myself with a number of software editing programs and experiment with hundreds of printing products,” Valle says.
Currently, Valle is experimenting with a line of accessories that she hopes to launch by the end of the year, and she’s continually working on new designs and trying new products, always in search of the perfect vintage pieces to complete her final product.
“Through this journey, I’ve found that making charm jewelry combines everything that I love and already have a strong affection for – family, photography, scrapbooking, vintage jewelry and the thrill of hunting for flea market treasures.”
As an entrepreneur, Valle believes that dedication, time and patience are key.
“It’s not a race, but a journey of rediscovering your own creativity,” she says. “It’s finding something that not only brings you joy, but brings joy to others. If you don’t absolutely and passionately love it, don’t do it.”
For more information on One Charming Treasure, visit, or