Sunday, October 20, 2013

This Mess Is A Place

Recently discovered:  DFW treasure shops!

On a recent trip to the Dallas Fort Worth area, I went in search of treasure shops
not only in search of vintage jewelry, but other vintage finds on "my list".

Some places were complete dives in 'sketchy' neighborhoods, others had been 
completely shut down and replaced with new businesses, but I continued down my list of 
researched possibilities anyone, determined to find the type of shop I was searching for. 
 Although I LOVE antiques, stores labeled as "Antique Stores", are usually pricey and you 
can expect to pay top dollar.  That's why I like to sniff out the "in between" between a 
thrift store and an antique store; it's harder than you think!

Cornish Antiques & Collectibles

My first impression was skeptical, a tiny shop with metal bars covering every
window reminded me the likes of a liquor store as opposed to an antique store.

This sign on the front door warns newbys, be prepared!

            Oh my goodness, be prepared.  When I opened the door I was taken aback.  
It was hard to believe the amount of things, everything you could imagine, crammed into 
this small space. I think I spent two hours in there and I'm SURE I overlooked many things. 
 Let's just say that organization is not the owner's gift, however, her collection of treasures certainly is.  

Of course first on my list is always vintage jewelry pieces. OMG, I was in heaven.
Trays, and trays, and boxes, and piles of  jewelry.  Her counter was so cluttered with
piles of everything, she couldn't even get to all the trays in the glass counter, seriously.
Many pieces had 'lost' halves, which I grabbed without hesitation.  But she also had such 
an enormous amount of every type of jewelry, nice pieces, truly vintage and some real 
antiques. Let me just say, I scored many treasures here, jewelry and other finds.

Cornish Antiques has trays and trays of vintage jewelry!

 Talk about a kid in a candy store!  I got to know the owner after a couple of
hours with her.  Judy was a very sweet, older woman, obviously overwhelmed with all 
that she had.  I shared my jewelry making hobby with her and then she showed me her 
antique button collection with me!  WoW.  She had been collecting them for years and still 
could not part with them.  I told her I'd pay her a visit the next time I was in town and to 
bethinking of selling those buttons to me!

Cornish Antiques

4310 East Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76103

See what I've been up to with my newly found vintage treasures!

        What are your favorite treasure stores???   Please Share With Us!

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