Monday, October 7, 2013

Garage Sales Galore!

The ultimate source of found treasures...

Garage Sale, Moving Sale, Estate Sale, Swap Meet, Flea Market, whatever you want
 to call it, they're pretty much the same BUT they are definitely the place 
to find whatever item you may treasure!

Yes, I admit I can be regularly seen running into my local thrift stores for a brief scan of merchandise.  They're always there with set hours, conveniently located in select areas of other errands I'm running, 
which seemingly looks like a mad dash on my way to work.  (I am always amazed that I make it on time despite the maze of strategic stops made beforehand!).  However, I have new found excitement for garage sales that I must tell you about...

You see, I'm a night person.  My husband and I both work afternoons to late evenings.  By the time we get home, take a shower, have a snack and wind down, it's pretty late.  We are therefore not early morning people, which is when most garage sales begin........or at least you need to get there early to get the best picks.  This is why I've kind of given up on garage sales, that is until now.

In my own sleepy and small town, a neighbor told me about a garage sale down our street with some "good stuff".  I thought to myself I might take a look after returning from my cardio class, but I wasn't too excited and surely wasn't expecting much.  Boy was I wrong!

Ask and you shall receive...

I asked the lady if she had any costume jewelry...

 This "estate sale" literally had a bit of everything imaginable, which can be overwhelming when you see everything all at one time.  When I told the lady I was looking for costume jewelry and buttons, she said yes she had some but hadn't brought anything out yet because she wasn't quite sure what to do with it all.  (Hugh? I thought)  She brought out a Tupperware container type first and then she brought out her mother's wooden jewelry box, which was huge, like 2' wide!   I told her immediately I wanted to buy the jewelry box.  It was noticeably old and worn and in need of refinishing, but my goodness, the blue velvet lined drawers with skeleton key locks and ornate decorative trims on the top was something I could not pass up.

Ornate brass corners

Of course she said she already gone through everything and kept the pieces that she wanted, but I was taken aback at the size.  For a split second I thought to myself, "Is this a dream?"  Talk about a kid in a candy store!  I spent the next 20 minutes going through this "treasure chest" of goodies.  I admit I felt sort of guilty rummaging through her mother's jewelry; thinking how she might feel.  I sympathized with her recent loss; can't imagine what that must be like for her.

Brass Center Medallion 

Well, she was kind enough to take a "Bulk Price" for the selected jewelry, box, and other miscellaneous items.  I was ECSTATIC !    I have a new found mission to check out garage sales that I often pass on the road.  And who knows, maybe, just maybe I may find myself getting up early to seek out those treasures.

Take a peak at what I've been doing with my new found treasures here

Here's some tips for you:

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Happy Hunting! 

-Susan, aka The Charm Hunter

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