Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reuse and Recycle Broken Jewelry and Accessories

Don't Throw Out That Broken Jewelry!

Oh my gosh, DON'T!  Start a small bowl or jar, just as you do for your loose change.  
Start saving those lost half earrings, broken necklaces, stopped watches, and broken 
pearl strands,  even buttons! You can add pieces that are out of style or that you just 
don't care for anymore.   In no time you'll have a substantial 'stash' to work with.  What 
a perfect opportunity to begin collecting to make your very own charm bracelet.

The options are endless...whether you reuse pieces to create
new pieces or to have spare parts on hand to
repair your own broken jewelry

If arts and crafts is your thing, check out these bright ideas using jewelry parts and pieces:
Make a collage of pieces...

Who would've thought?
This makes such a beautiful mirror
for your vanity, bedroom or closet!
A Stunning Idea!

 Broken, unused and unwanted jewelry can be recycled into new items  

Bummer!  My favorite stretch
bracelet broke, but the actual
pieces are fine...
I just happened to have bought a cute pair of
new sandals.  I used a hot glue gun to glue the
broken pieces of my stretch bracelet to the centers!

Once you have a collection of pieces, you can begin adding them to a chain...

Begin adding pieces to a chain that
can later be turned into a
necklace or charm bracelet

    I think you get the idea.  The options and possibilities are endless, 
so start saving those spare jewelry parts and pieces!

                                  See other possibilities and ideas HERE

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