Wednesday, August 14, 2013


photo by photo, charm by charm

         If a picture is worth a thousand words, then photo charms accompanied with small 
         mementos, are worth many more.  They can offer tangible links to the past, each 
        charm representing a meaningful event.  Charms can be photos, tickets, buttons, 
        fabric, words, and dates.  The owner has the chance to unfold a piece of their 
        lives to wear close to their heart and to share with others...

       Family history is always an engaging subject and ever popular for charm bracelets.  
       But even current topics, such as last year's vacation, a friend's successful battle, or 
       your very first marathon, are rich in material and possibilities.  Charm jewelry, after 
      all, provides a way to evoke moments past -- off of a facebook or instagram post 
      and on to a physical display.

     The following links are filled with ideas for arranging your findings.  I create charm 
     jewelry with distinct themes and moods, embellishments with a mix of handmade, 
     found items and store-bought flourishes.  But the best inspiration may come from
     the photographs and trinkets gathered by you -- and the story they combine to tell...

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