Saturday, March 9, 2013

Here's an easy project to get your creative juices flowing:  Visit your local fabric store and look for accessory trims, usually sold by the yard.  Or, you may have broken pieces of your own treasured jewelry that you just can't part with.  Below are two rhinestone chain strands.  Approximately 8 rhinestone boxes from the bottom of the left strand, and 6 rhinestone boxes from the right strand, glue or solder the next 6 boxes up together.  (I soldered mine)  At the tips you can add single round rhinestone pieces for a finishing touch. You'll also have to attach two rings at the top ends for a clasp, or if it's long enough to fit over your head you can skip that last step.  That's it!

Simple and bling-bling elegant, a perfect finishing touch to any outfit...

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