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Novemeber DIY

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Handcrafted by One Charming Treasure
     Add a Charm Bangle Bracelets

Handcrafted by One Charming Treasure

Why do these make the perfect gift?  
They're cute, easy, & inexpensive to make!


Who doesn't like a bangle?  They're fun and easy to wear 
and the best part is that one size fits all!  They are adjustable 
and expandable to fit any size wrist.  You can add as few
or as many charms as you wish and personalize for the
person you're making it for :)

Handcrafted by One Charming Treasure

Follow these quick and easy steps:


                        wire cuff bracelets
                        charms and/or beads
                        4 - 6 mm jumprings (depending on wire diameter)
                        2 pairs of pliers

STEP 1:  

Gather your supplies.  You can find expandable, adjustable wire cuff
bangle bracelets at your local craft store or on line.  Amazon has several
styles available in a variety of finishes.  While the styles may vary slightly, 
they all have a "locking" mechanism that prevents the charms from
sliding off.  The most popular and least expensive are silvertone/goldtone.
Silver/gold plated as well as sterling silver metals are also available
depending on how much you want to spend.  I would recommend a sliver
or gold plated, as the finish will last much longer than the silver or goldtone
and they are just a few dollars more.  These below are listed at $5.25 ea.

Silver Plated
Gold Plated



Gather your charms!  You can use charms, beads, photo charms, 
beach glass, shells, pearls, just about anything that has a hole 
(or that you can drill a small hole in).  If your charms don't come 
with jumprings already attached, you will need to add them to attach
to your bangle.  Use pliers to attach jumprings, add to bangle and then
securely close.  If you are not familiar with jumprings, read this quick 
and easy tutorial first.


Personalize by adding charms, dangles and handstamped tags.  You
can add to both the "fixed/locked" area of the bangle, as well as the
to the rest of the bangle.

- Wallah! -

Add as few OR as many as you wish!

The options are ENDLESS !

YOU can do this !

I hope this project has inspired you!

Aloha, Susan

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