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Vintage Watches


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"Vintage Watches" Bracelet

"Vintage Watches" Bracelet
This month's inspiration came from a jewelry catalog that featured a similar bracelet
for $190 !   I was like, what?!  I think I can make something similar for far less...
You know how I always stress NOT to EVER throw away broken or mismatched
jewelry or stuff that's just out of style.  You can re-use all those pieces into new creations,
which is what my blog exemplifies.  Vintage Assemblage.  Reusing, Recycling and
Repurposing Vintage jewelry pieces into beautiful new jewelry!

Supply List:

  • 5 watches, working or not
  • 20 gauge wire, silver or gold
  • 1 toggle closure
  • Scissors, Pliers, Wire cutters


1.  Remove straps and watch bands. Leather ones can be
simply cut with scissors. Some metal bands are thin and
can also be cut with scissors. 

Thicker bands will need to be cut with wire cutters 
and plied off with pliers.

Some watches have a tiny "tension" bar.  If this falls out while removing the straps, it's very easy to "snap" back into place.

The end result that you want is the watch face center
with open ends for reattaching:

2. Repeat with remaining four watches.  Remove bands.

3. Using your 20 gauge wire, cut 3 inch strips. Fold into a 
loose " U " shape and weave through one end of watch face:

4.  Weave the other ends through the second watch face:

5.Pull through enough to leave about a half inch distance
between the watch faces.  With this excess of wire that
you've pulled through, use your pliers to do a simply
yet tight wrap, and just keep wrapping until there's no
more wire to wrap. Just pull and continue to wrap the wire
around and around.

Continue above steps until all watch faces are connected,
EXCEPT for two ends.  It's OK if the watch faces are NOT all
in the same direction.  This way it doesn't matter which way
you put the bracelet on...

6.Once you reach your two ends, assemble your toggle ends
using the same wire wrapping technique.  Remember, Wire Wrapping
101 is nothing difficult, just a simple twisting of wire.  Your
end result is NOT perfection, but a simple wrap around.

How clever is this?

Wallah, wrist fancies!

A pretty gold and silver mix from a varied assortment

I hope this has inspired you!

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Warmest Aloha, Susan

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