Friday, February 14, 2014

February's DIY - Dangle Earrings 


Perfect for any occasion, from casual to dressy, these beauties only take a few supplies & a few moments to make.

Design by The Charm Hunter
I recycled these beads from an out of style clip on earring!

The Charm Hunter's Supply List:
  • about 1 inch of chain, 2 pieces
  • 2 ear wire hooks
  • 7 small jump rings
  • 7 beads, preferably with head pins
  • 2 pair jewelry pliers

I've said this in just about every blog, SAVE YOUR BROKEN JEWELRY!
This is my stash of broken chains in all different sizes and colors.

  • attach ear wires to top of chains
  • attach each jump ring to each bead used
  • arrange the beads around the chain and play around with the placement until you're happy with the look.  You can always move them around after
  • use pliers to attach to links of the chain at varying lengths
I used the largest bead at the bottom and worked
my way up with the next smallest, ending
with the smallest beads on top.
The combinations are endless.  This is just the "starter recipe".  

Simple                                                             Full                                                                     Fuller

  If you want fuller earrings, just connect the loaded jump rings

together.  For a longer look, you can use less beads or connect
empty jump rings between your loaded jump rings.  Varying 
sizes and shapes also help to add interest to your mix.

Thanks always, best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014 :)

-Warmest aloha, Susan, aka The Charm Hunter
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