Tuesday, May 28, 2013

          DIY Vintage Style Initial Charms...

You can achieve this same "Vintage" look
with or without soldering
If you're not soldering, you can still achieve a similar look by using 
silver ball chain, and your own photo paper and printer.

Practice on regular paper then copy to a heavy
quality photo paper and cut to size
You can add seed beads OR rhinestone strands.
If you use seed beads, I recommend sticking
them in the tray first and then cover with a glaze.
Any glaze you use will appear
milky but will dry clear.  

If using the rhinestone strand, fill with glaze about 3/4 full,
then carefully lay the rhinestone strand around the perimeter
on top of the glaze.  The weight will cause the glaze and the
rhinestone strand to rise.  You can always add more glaze 
to the center to bring to desired height.  Pop any air bubbles
with a needle.

Now if you are soldering, follow steps above, but instead of
placing in a pendant tray, sandwich between glass, wrap with
copper tape and solder.  You can use your initial between
glass or other items, such as lace, a feather, a dried 
pressed flower or a lock of baby hair; the possibilities
are endless, but the end result is beautiful!

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